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Welcome to
SuNriT Culture

where Vedic tradition meets the modern life.

Our Story

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Vedic culture is objectively universal in its appeal. Vedic India encompasses, not only few rituals, as it is understood, but south Asian classical dance, music, drama arts, cooking; a wholistic God-centered lifestyle.  Our group aspires  that the Vedic arts are passed on to the present and new generation in an authentic and loving manner so that everyone can benefit from the deep qualities it brings, along with the various artistic or educative endeavors. 


We wish to create a Sunrit (a Sanskrit word which means  "a beautiful dance", "pleasant") environment  in which transformative experiences and exciting intercultural exchanges can take place among all.

It is a great time to get involved with Sunrit Culture, as it is one of the first initiatives of its kind in Sheffield, UK.  

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Cultural Activities

Making A Difference

Classic Dance
Festival Preparation
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Cultural Dance and

  •  Kathak dance

  • South Asian Folk dances

  • Indian Classical Vocals

  • Traditional music

Cultural Arts

  • Rangoli Art

  • Saree Draping

  • Madhubani Painting

  • Language

Health and Yoga

With this initiative, our goal is to promote great opportunities for those in need. l. Learn more about our work by getting in touch with our team today.


Join our event at South Asian Heritage Month with your friends and family for an eventful celebration.

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